Rahman Nur Mastermind Review

This post is a Rahman Nur Mastermind Review. Rahman Nur or as he is also known Rahman Noor runs masterminds to teach you how to make thousands of dollars online. Is Rahman the real deal or just another low life scammer??

The Truth About Rahman Nur Masterminds

The truth is that Rahman Nur is nothing but a scammer who lures people in with his fancy webinars. This guy is a great talker and has alot of skills. It is just a pity that he uses them skills to scam and rob people of their hard earned money.

I did not join one of Rahman’s masterminds but did join him in something else. I joined his investment fund where he had professional traders trading our money and profits were split between him, the trader and me as a client. I was one of many clients and as far as we have been told the trading went great but none of us have seen any of our money back only excuse after excuse from Rahman which I have now come to find out is pretty much all anyone in his masterminds gets as well.

With his masterminds you sign up and he promises to delivery content over a few weeks but in reality from what a few members of various masterminds have told me and shown me copies of chat scripts they usually end up with 1 video and none of the rest of the content is ever delivered. By the time people get sick of waiting it is too late to file a dispute against the 2k, 3k or even 5k they have paid Rahman and he moves on to his next “mastermind” and victims.

One of the masterminds that I have heard the most complaints about is Rahman’s Titan Mastermind and I will have a full post on that with some people who were involved in it.

Testimonials from Rahman Nur’s Mastermind

I will soon have a video and some content up here from one of the people who took one of Rahman’s mastermind packages and was scammed by him.

If you check out this Facebook thread you will see loads of people who joined his mastermind and got nothing -> https://www.facebook.com/chadnicely/posts/10207029688260059

Conclusion on Rahman Nur Mastermind

Rahman uses the concept of his masterminds to scam people out of a crazy amount of money and he rarely of ever delivers any content to his paying clients. If you have joined one of Rahmans masterminds then please leave a comment below to let everyone know what you got and if it was worth it.

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PLEASE SHARE and warn anyone who is thinking of joining this guy not to go near him as they will never see their money again or anything for it either

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