Rahman Nur Review

In this post I give my honest Rahman Nur Review..

I’m going to cut straight to the point and come right out and say Rahman Nur is a scam and a conman. He has personally scammed me out of €19,500 which as I type this is $23,000

I touched on this in my first post “Is Rahman Nur a Scam” when I still wasn’t sure if this guy was a scam but once again he has filled myself and other investors with lies and missed more deadline so its time I took action.

How Rahman Nur Scammed Me

I have been connected with Rahman Nur for a few years now and he always came across as a good guy and that is why I trusted him and got involved with him when he open up some spots on a trading opportunity. After seeing some photos on his Facebook showing good returns I contacted him and he said he had professional traders trading for him and was taking on a few clients that could invest in the deal and all profits would be split between him, the client and the trader. As I trusted the guy and he talked a good game I said yes and put in $10k (I later put in another $10k in April).

All investors got a full contract from his “company” Orion Growth Strategy Pte and all looked ok, turns out it wasn’t but thats for another post.

We also got results updates for a few months. They weren’t always on time but eventually with some pushing we got them. After my second investment in April the results stopped coming and all any investors got was its coming tomorrow tomorrow but tomorrow never seemed to come. After that I was able to get in contact with other investors and it turned out that they some had been trying to get withdrawals since January and Rahman always filled them with excuses and lies.

As I always try and see the good in everyone I wanted to believe that Rahman was telling the truth so I waited as I personally hadn’t been left waiting on a withdrawal at that time.

I then requested a withdrawal and was told I would have it in June but guess what I just got excuses telling me it would come in July and yet again got more excuses telling me it would be August. As of the 4th of Sept which is today I still haven’t got anything even though I was meant to have all of my money by now. With all the gains I should be due well in excess of 70k or 80k, maybe even 100k if his results were any way accurate but he wont tell me what my account is now worth so again that is not a good sign.

I will post a full in depth video talking about all of this very soon.

I also found this post from someone else who was involved in the trading opportunity as well -> http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/orion-growth-strategy-pte-ltd-and-rahman-nur.51109/

Here is a Facebook post from one of the other investors as well -> https://www.facebook.com/chadnicely/posts/10207029688260059

Conclusion on Rahman Nur Review

In my eyes Rahman Nur is a complete scam artist and can not be trusted. Do not give him any of your money. Stay tuned for alot more videos exposing this scammer. The really sad fact is that now that someone (me) is actually exposing this guy it turns out that he has been doing it for a long time but people have just remained quiet.

If you have been scammed by Rahman or he has stolen any more from you let me know in the comments below. If you want to type out your full story I will also post it as a full blog post here as well.

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4 Replies to “Rahman Nur Review”

    1. Yes i fall also for his scam unfortunately
      He is still scamming people but now in the cryptocurrency promise you a lot but still see no profits of his new project also he came to me as an honest man so i know he is a fraud you can find him under cryptorahman also you can find him under this name on insta good i found this site

  1. Yes still a scam in 2022 and now this days but now he is in cryptocurrency and called him defi with rahman and rahman c.a. on telegram scammed a lot of people also he has a instagram you can find him under cryptorahman warning people never involved with him and his projects

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