Is Rahman Nur a Scam?

Is Rahman Nur a scam or is he an exceptional young businessman. 

** After reading this post check back in a week for the final verdict

Rahman Nur Scam

Lets Start with who is Rahman Nur?

Rahman Nur born Abdirahmaan Nur is an online marketer who also uses the name Rahman Noor in some of his online marketing campaigns. I have been connected with Rahman for about 2 years now on Facebook and in this time he has come across as a successful businessman but I did not partner with him in any business until December 2016, I will come back to that point later. From the outside and from Rahman’s posts you would know he has had alot of success but what has he done to achieve that success.

What Products does Rahman Sell?

Rahman’s main business is online coaching though webinars / masterminds and “teaching” people how to sell and make money on webinars. These masterminds are all sold for a few thousand dollars each where you pay Rahman directly. The content and training that people actually receive once they pay has been questioned by a few people and I will post some reviews and testimonials from people who have actually bought into some of these masterminds in a dedicated review post as what I partnered with Rahman on was an investment deal. Some of the masterminds that I have come across are the intense mastermind and also the Titan Mastermind but I will put a detailed list together in a follow up post. I had a few people who were in the Titan Mastermind reach out to another person from the investment deal I joined and I will share all of that info in a separate post on this site.

FX Investment Deal

In the investment deal I joined Rahman with he had set up a company called Orion Growth Strategy Pte. Ltd where he told myself and other investors that he had 2 professional traders contracted to trade our money and his with profits been split 30% to the investor, 30% to him and 40% to the trader. 30% may be small but once my money was working for me I was happy.

Currently investors have been waiting a long time to get their withdrawals with many deadlines passed. My belief in Rahman is starting to fade as my own deadline when I was meant to get my withdrawal was the beginning of July and still nothing as of July 11th and no proof of why we haven’t got them either.

I am very understanding when it comes to business and fully understand delays in business but not bad communication and over the last week I have been told twice that I would have an email that day with an update on the latest trading figures and what is happening with the withdrawals but both times I got no email. To me there is no excuse for this as it is a simple task that would take 5 minute. I will do a fully detailed post on Orion Growth and my own personal experience with Rahman in this venture over the next day or 2 and I will link to it from here. The reason I am leaving it another few days is I want to give him one final chance to send the withdrawal and info I was promised.

Is Rahman Noor a Scam

So is Rahman Nur a Scam?

I still want to believe Rahman is a good guy and there is some reason why I have not received my money yet but not following up on what he told me a few times has left my patience and belief very thin.

For me the next week is going to tell me if Rahman Nur is a scam and by that I mean if I don’t get my money or some very solid proof as to why not then I will have no choice but to call Rahman a scam and I will be writing multiple blog posts both here and on other sites I own to make sure everyone who does any type of search will hit on my reviews of Rahman.

Yes I believe Rahman has some great skills but if you are currently looking at joining Rahman in any business this week I would say hold off until I publish my final thoughts early next week.

Feel free to drop me a message if you have worked with Rahman and have anything that you would like added to this site as if things don’t work out for me I will be adding alot more content to this site to make sure that anyone doing a search on Rahman has all of the details.

I will also be hosting a webinar on Friday to let you know how it all pans out


15 Replies to “Is Rahman Nur a Scam?”

    1. He has until Sept 1st to pay back my initial 20k I invested with him so if you are planning on joining anything with him I would say don’t do it until I see if he holds up to his word. If he doesn’t you will see alot more posts and videos showing proof of why people shouldn’t deal with Rahman Nur

    1. Looking like a scam, yet again all his promises of sending me my money were lies. I will post alot of videos and content on him in the next few days to make sure noone is ever caught by him again.

      Were you thinking of buying some course from him?

  1. This is so crazy !!
    Why can’t be honest ?!
    Have integrity man if you reading this !!
    Many people lost all money with you!
    You stole from them!!!

    You should go to JAIL!

  2. I wished such a website was available 10 months ago before I invested 20K with this scam artist. I have known him online for several years and trusted him enough to invest money with him. After months of lies and deception it is clear that he misappropriated over 170K USD from this particular investment scheme and that none of the investors will ever see their money back. Do your research and you will find more dirt on this guy…scammy webinars without providing the promised value, dogy investment schemes..what’s next?

  3. I think I’m being scammed as we speak. TOO MANY of delays and empty promises by Rahman. Paid him USD6k to help me with my marketing sales funnel and coaching. I’m losing my patience and trust. Looks like I’m not alone.

  4. Guys, these are the new wire details. This *** is still scamming in 2020. Thankfully I did some research before I got into a contract with him and saved myself.

    Warning: This is for your personal use, please do NOT share.
    Intensive Mastermind Payment Details – & Next Step
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    If you’re sending payment from the USA, here’s the Wire Details:
    Account Name: Reelmedia Pte Ltd.
    Bank Name: Community Federal Savings Bank
    Account Number: 8310233886
    Wire Transfer Number: 026073008
    Routing Number (ACH or ABA): 026073150
    Program Price: $2,000 USD
    If you’re sending payment from Outside USA, here’s the Wire Details:
    Account Name: Reelmedia Pte Ltd.
    Bank Name: Community Federal Savings Bank
    Account Number: 8310233886
    Routing Number (ACH or ABA): 026073150
    Bank Code (SWIFT/BIC): CMFGUS33
    Address (For Both USA Payments, and International Payments):
    19 W 24th Street
    New York
    United States
    Program Price: $2,000 USD (You Decide Currency Rate)
    Most members have gone into their Bank Branch and made the Payment
    there, whilst others have paid via Online Banking.
    In case Bank requests Reelmedia Address (rare cases):
    231 Mountbatten Road,
    Block D #01-07 Mountbatten Centre,
    Singapore 397999
    Once you send Payment, email us at
    Title of Email should be: PAID + RECEIPT!
    Attach a Receipt of your Payment, and we will give you access within 12
    Hours into the Program!

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