Rahman The Cash Flow Mentor SCAM – Review?

The testimonial below has been sent into the website by a former client Yolanda of Rahman’s Cash Flow Mentor program which he is running on Facebook where he claims to give you a course as well as run ad’s on your ad’s account for you.

After 6 days of investing $2k with Rahman in Cash Flow Mentor and him promising to run FB ads for me he had still not added the ads to my account and I started to feel weird about my investment. That’s when I googled him and came across rahmannur.com – at that point, I knew that my gut was right and that I was dealing with a cold blooded scammer. I wrote briefly about my experience under the comments section of “Rahman Nur is Still a Scammer in 2019

My intention is to expose his new scam under the keyword, “The Cash Flow Mentor” that he is sophisticatedly marketing thru Facebook. With your help, it is my hope that when people Google this keyword, my article exposing him through your blog will show up.

It was this blog exposing Rahman that saved me and now I want to help save others from this bum Rahman aka The Cash Flow Mentor / Intensive Mastermind.

How the Cash Flow Mentor Scam Works

Here’s an explanation of his Cash Flow Mentor scam that I fell prey to…

I saw a FB ad that led me to a webinar of Rahman claiming that he has a FB scaling issue. And that in order for him to scale his marketing campaigns, he’s going to give away his top campaigns to you by copying them into your FB ad account that he claims him and his team will manage for you. These campaigns are for various products that he owns such as Forex, digital marketing, etc. He claims you will receive a commission ranging from $600 – $2000 on each sale received from your marketing campaign.

He recommends starting with a FB ad spend of $1000 or more that again, his team will “manage for you”. Once you get a sale, he claims it will be wired directly to your bank account. He then recommends you put 100% of your commissions back into your ad campaign to scale up. The goal is to do this for at least 90 days or until your desired income goal is reached. He claims this program has been around for 4 years and every single member from 4 years ago is still with him making money. However, there are no testimonials on his sales page and he actually tries to convince you that having testimonials on your sales page is bad.

You get all of this for a one time payment of $2,000 plus your ad spend. He targets/preys on newbies – people that have no marketing/online experience and that is looking for a way to “get rich quick”. I’m not a newbie but I fell for the get rich quick part admittedly.

Here’s what makes this program a full blown scam:

Rahman is using his members ad spend to run these campaigns which is actually the same program that he’s promoting but he tries to make it seem like he owns other digital products. When sales are made, he keeps the commissions and never pays you a dime. By the time you catch on, your credit card on file in your ads account has been charged thousands. You also now have no recourse to get your money back because he knows how PayPal operates since he claims you purchased a digital product.

Luckily for me, he never added the campaigns to my ads account and I was able to prove this PLUS I had several screenshots of Rahman basically taunting me after he found out I filed a dispute. At first my PayPal dispute was ruled in Rahman’s favor. But after speaking, begging, and pleading with 3 Paypal reps to take a closer look at my evidence, on the third try, the paypal rep saw right through Rahman’s tactics based on my evidence which he then reversed the dispute in my favor 🙂

Other Cash Flow Mentor Testimonials

After realizing Rahman were a scam I sought out and spoke with two other clients / victims of this Cash Flow Mentor and they confirmed that they had been scammed.

One of the victims stated that Rahman spent over $4k using her credit card in her FB ads account and she never received any commissions from any of the sales made from her ad spend after being apart of the program for several months.

I told myself after I got money back that I would do EVERYTHING in power to expose Rahman. I also recently helped another lady get her $2k back thru filing a dispute against Rahman on Paypal but I know there are many more victims. Unfortunately, I know we cannot help them all, but if I can save just one person from falling for this guys scam, then I’ve done my part.

Conclusion on Cash Flow Mentor

It really doesn’t look good for this magic money making scheme and it now looks like Rahman has stopped using paypal as he is giving out wire details for the payment for his intensive mastermind or Cash Flow mentor program. This is probably due to getting so many disputes and charge-backs. Be very careful as if you send him a wire transfer it is very hard to get it back. That is how is stole multiple 6 figures in his forex scam as he got everyone to wire the funds to him. You can go the criminal route with a wire fraud which could also be a very good option for you depending on the country you are in if you have already sent funds to Rahman.

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18 Replies to “Rahman The Cash Flow Mentor SCAM – Review?”

  1. I know people who lost over $10,000+ with him!!
    Big SCAM!!
    You should make a fanpage on Facebook and share about it as he is using fb lives to scam more people to join him!

  2. Rahman the cash flow mentor is another cover for Rahman Nur aka Abdirahmaan Nur. After scamming people for years he is unable to use his real name anymore. I am surprised his FB page is still up. Unfortunately FB’s lack of follow up with reports plays in the hands of this scammer, but fortunately people will come across this website exposing this snake when they due their due diligence!

  3. Chiming in here. The Program is Real. Yolanda didn’t do her end at all. I have Screenshare evidence.

    The Forex Incident, is something I owned up to already, and was a mistake which burned me, as well as others.

    The Cash Flow Mentor, my Program, and Education is very Real.

    If this “Review” Page about me is unbias, this link will be allowed to be displayed:


    It’s Screenshare Evidence of my interaction with Yolanda.

    1. “The Forex Incident” was a complete scam lets be honest here Rahman.

      This public video shows his conversation with Yolanda as well as exposing his private members names, email and how much of the course they have completed. I doubt that was declared in your privacy policy.

      Yolanda had originally given Rahman access on Monday to her ad account, the video shows Yolanda asking after 48 hours (Wednesday) why nothing is set up on her account to which Rahman says there was an issue with her ads account and they requested access again, he does mention some video call but no proof is shown of that. Again on Friday she follows up to see why nothing has been done and then later that day she files a dispute with Paypal, the dispute is probably opened just short of the 2nd 48hours but overall it is 96 hours since she first gave Rahman access to her account. She could have waited more time but then Rahman should have been prioritizing her account since he missed the first 48hour deadline and hadn’t informed her why, getting her up and running should have been a priority and not left until the last minute.

      In general I would always give people the benefit of the doubt and wait but when it comes to someone like Rahman I wouldn’t as from past experience it is always just excuse after excuse and lie after lie with him. Referring to your clients as very emotional and sharing clients private names and emails probably isn’t the most professional way to do business either.

      He says the done for you is a bonus to the course but really his main selling point is the done for you and the course is just so he has a leg to stand on when you eventually file a dispute against his service.

    2. Rahman aka The Cash Flow Mentor SCAM,

      I find it very interesting (although not surprising) that you were bold enough to reply to this post with “screenshare evidence” claiming that I did not do my end as if you provided top notch service on your end – the nerve of you.

      The last time I checked – it was YOU that did not do your end and that is how we arrived here in the first place.

      As a paying customer ($2k) of your program that claims to be a “done for you service” – the only service you performed was BS lip service. It is evidenced in this your video uploaded that several times I kept asking “when will I be set up?” only for you to keep replying “within 48 hours” and other bogus responses.

      The first time you replied with this answer, I gave you the benefit. By the 3rd time, I started sensing that you were BS’ing me and now I KNOW that is exactly what you were doing.

      Even in this unprofessional screenshare – a video that violates my privacy as well as the privacy of your other members, you are stating BS and downright LIES…

      1. You or your bogus support NEVER did a video with me.

      2. There was NEVER an issue with my ads account. The only issue is that you kept promising to set up ads campaigns after giving you access and that never happened!

      3. Yes, I went through the “earning module” of your BS training membership but that was only because you encouraged me to do that as evidenced in our conversation in your screenshare. But why was I even sent access to a training membership in the first place when you claimed that this was NOT a training program? Oh, so that you could have a way to tell Paypal that I received a digital product to protect against in case of a dispute – one of your scam tactics.

      4. On the thank you page, it stated that as soon as the $2k was paid, that you and your team would get the campaigns up and running immediately! It does not state 3 days.

      5. Yes I filed a claim with Paypal – but it certainly wasn’t false. It was very valid and necessary! You did NOT render the promised service and you’re a COMPLETE SCAM!!

      The fact that this blog even exists after being originally created 2 years ago exposing YOU and your scamming ways is more than enough proof that my Paypal dispute was necessary. Not to mention the several people that I have had conversations with claiming that you scammed them! One person out of $90,000! How disgusting.

      And let me not forget to mention the fact that I have been in close contact with 2 of your members/victims of this same program that says you have scammed them as well! One person can’t even get her money back because they paid into the program directly into your bank account. They have NOT received a dime from the ads you’ve run on their account.

      But you claim in your screenshare that you have “122 happy members”. Well, I KNOW at least 3 people (myself included) that aren’t so very happy with your program and your scam tactics! And I know there are more victims.

      Bottom line, you Rahman Nur aka The Cash Flow Mentor is a narcissistic maniacal slick talking scam artist. You make empty promises and do not deliver on those promises. You line your pockets by preying on people’s weaknesses using manipulative deceptive marketing tactics.

      Please BEWARE of this guy! Do NOT do business with him. You will lose your money especially because is now luring people to pay their investment directly to his bank account – this is a BIG RED FLAG – please BEWARE!

  4. I was scammed out of close to 20K in 2017 in what Rahman flippantly calls the “Forex incident”. I brought 3 friends with 10K each who never saw a dime. Rahman never owned up to anything. Around the same time I was contacted by a guy who has fallen for an FB scam Rahman was running. He lost “only” 2K. Rahman is dishonest to the bone.

  5. The only thing that is real about this guy is the hypnotic marketing tactics he has been using. I lost 10K USD with this con artist. Enough said.

  6. He is a shameless thief and continues to rip people off. Always an excuse on hand for all shady occurances….Be warned!

  7. Owning up? He took 10K USD for an investment and didn’t deliver a dime. The trading screenshots turned out to be stolen from another trader. Never heard back from him after this. It’s the handwriting of a scammer.

  8. I just lost 2000 myself and I was stupid enough to send the money to his account and all I get is false promises but he never used my ad account. and he did gave me his phone number which he never picks up or replies to anything. Here is his number if anyone wants it +84 78 9288413

    1. Sorry to hear you got scammed, Tim. Was it with the cash flow mentor program?
      If you know any other people who got scammed, make them aware of this website to share their experience. It will help other people making the right decision.

        1. Sorry to hear that Joe, I would say talk to your bank and see what options they give you. If that fails depending on your country you would have options like filing a case with law enforcement for wire fraud.

  9. I followed Rahman for years before deciding to invest. Over that time trust was built and I spoke with him multiple times on the phone so I felt further due dilligence wasn’t needed to make the decision to wire the money. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. Two months of lies, deciept and excuses. Sadly, I’ve come to the realisation that I’m waving goodbye to $5k. It’s a hard pill to swallow as Rahman is extremely convincing, comes across very trustworthy as a person and with his marketing tactics.

    Rahman also knew I was putting alot on the line to make this investment re assuring me that returns would be made within weeks. All lies to line his back pocket. The psychology behind this has me baffled and it really is unfortunate this operation has been allowed to go on for so long now and to hear of many other victims. This has to stop.

    A true example of a pathetic human being leading an incredibly miserable existence.

    On the bright side, I’ve always liked a good game of hide and go seek. The hunt is on to find you Rahman.

    It’s time to have some fun! 🙂

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