Rahman Nur is Still a Scammer in 2019

I get alot of messages wondering if Rahman ever paid back the funds he said he would and questions as to weather I consider Rahman Nur a scam.

No he never gave back 1 cent of the funds he stole from me but still continues to promise funds are coming but each time the date he gives passes by without any funds been received so yes I consider Rahman a scammer and a con man.

His latest contact was in April 2019 when he was asking me to take down this website with the promise of been able to get all investor money back from the broker that supposedly took it. He was afraid this site made him look shady..

As I have no trust left in his word he said he would pay me $1k as a show of good faith so I would know he was serious which I agreed to, I said that when I seen the funds in my bank I would hide the website until the end of May to give him a chance. On April 3rd I gave him my payment details with no contact until April 9th which was him telling me he had an extra bill and would send the funds in the next few days. I got no message or funds after that and on May 17th I told him I would proceed with my update on this site if there was still nothing within a week and so here we are yet more bullshit and empty promises with another re-payment date missed by Rahman Nur.

This guy is not someone that can be trusted and I would urge anyone thinking of doing business with him to look very deeply into his reputation as he is not someone who can be trusted and his word means absolutely nothing.

On top of private investigations I have going on I will continue publicly to make sure as many people as possible are warned about this scammer so they can avoid the financial and time losses that myself and all his previous investors suffered.

If you have had any recent dealings with Rahman leave a comment below and also please SHARE this post to warn others about his business tactics and his ethics.

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  1. Not surprised that several years after he scammed me and 3 friends out of 50000 USD, he is still at it. Glad people make a simple web search and come across this website. Good on you, Paul for putting this website up and warning people of this detestable scammer.

  2. Not surprised that several years after he scammed me and 3 friends out of 50000USD with a fake Forex scheme he still at it. Glad you put this website up, Paul to warn unsuspecting victims of this detestable scammer

    1. He is running adds in Facebook about next master mind class. After the seminar he was asking for 2k USD to join his add in Facebook system the he perfected. Please advice about your experience

      1. My experience and that of dozens of other people is Rahman ropes you in with a great promise, so you part with your money and then doesn’t deliver. For some people it is “just” 1-2K, but for other people it was 20K and more that they lost. This is substantial fraud. If you check this website you can find a link to facebook where one of the investors called Rahman out. A few other people who had dealings with him in his previous scams commented. Just contact them if you want more information.

        1. Do NOT join this program with Rahman aka The Cash Flow Mentor. He is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! I got sucked into his hypnotic yet deceitful marketing and paid the $2k last week. After I paid, Rahman told me that within 48 hours they would have ads running on my Facebook account. He kept promising everything would be set up. After 5 days, there were still no ads. I started picking up BS vibes from him and that’s when I came across this blog. I immediately knew I was dealing with a sophisticated SCAM artist!

          I filed a PayPal dispute right away. Rahman kept telling me that I would lose my dispute because PayPal ALWAYS side with him. He knows how PayPal works and he has it all set up so that it all goes in his favor. Because when you join, he sends you access to a membership “training” site. It’s just information that talks about the ads that he’s going to run for you. Its worthless info. But it hides the premise of what the program is really about from PayPal.

          PayPal ended up siding in my favor because I had so much evidence and proof that he NEVER ran ads on my account and that the membership site is bogus. I really had to fight with PayPal to get them to see my side and thank goodness they did so I got my $2k back.

          But that wouldn’t have happened if he had run the ads on my account. I also found out from 2 other paid members that he ran ads on their accounts but NEVER paid them any commissions. One person he spent $5k on their ad account plus the $2k for the program but Rahman never paid them commissions. He has set the program up so that he can use YOUR money for ads campaigns that is only designed to line his pockets. He has no intentions on paying you commissions from the money he makes on your ad spend. And once he runs those ads, you will have NO recourse to get your money back.

          Do NOT join his program. He seems like an honest person but he is not. He is a marketing genius that is a complete SCAMMER!!! He is a narcissistic, maniacal punk!

      2. Rahman aka The Cash Flow Mentor is a complete scammer! I almost got caught up in this scam a couple weeks ago when I paid $2k to join his program promising to run Facebook ads because he has a “FB scaling issue”. Thankfully I caught on to his deceitful tactics and immediately filed a Paypal dispute. I fought for several days and finally got my money back even after Rahman was “confident” that I would not. He actually told me that Paypal always side with him and that they would’t help me. Luckily for me, he never ran FB ads on my account which I was able to prove to Paypal and I won my dispute.

        However, this guy is a FRAUD!! He makes empty promises. He uses hypnotic marketing tactics to reel you in. However, he has NO intentions to deliver on any of the promises that he makes. All he does is use your marketing dollars to run ad campaigns on your Facebook ad account. But he NEVER pays the promised commissions from the sales made. I verified this from two other paid members in his program. One person said she paid $2k plus $5k in ad spend and Rahman has yet to pay her ANY commissions. She paid into the program several months ago.

        Do NOT join this guy! He WILL take your money and if he runs ads on your account, you will have NO recourse to get your money back!

  3. Some people might come across this website and think it’s just some disgruntled person. One of my friends who also invested 10K asked about this bad review https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/Rahman%20Nur Below is Rahman’s answer…nice and slick. She decided to invest and never received back a dime nor what was promised just like everyone else. I bet he will have a similar slick answer to anyone sending him a link to THIS website. After years of scamming people I am guessing his morals are so bent that he believes his own lies. That;s why he comes across as a decent guy. Sad!



    Firstly – I am not Nigerian, far from it. 

    Secondly – I am not based in Phuket now or at time of writing this.

    Thirdly – None of the other names were related to this, except as affiliates, and some completely unrelated.

    This is nothing but an act from a competitor who looked into ruining my reputation.

    Success Rates were above all Marketing Opportunities. 

    I have proof of payments sent, happy customers (90%+), and success stories. 

    The only truth in the matter is I closed off a bonus I had which I clearly expressed to be temporary. 

    A bonus in which I convert traffic sent to me, FOR the customer. 

    In essence, feeding a man a fish, as well as teaching him how to fish.

    I retracted that because Paypal went down due to handling a high volume of payments (good problem in business), 
    and so stripped the bonus which I told all customers before purchasing… 

    “is a bonus I can retract at any given time, and the purpose of this program is educational only”.

    The Powerpoint slides of me explaining that word for word are available. 

    I am neither an immigrant, nor Nigerian, nor based in Thailand. 

    My company at the time was based in London.

    I part-own company in London, Hong Kong, and own a full company based in Singapore. 

    Ripoff Report is a ripoff on it’s own. 

    Anyone can “File a Report” which does not get verified, and their source of income is in 
    people like me falling victim and paying upwards of $50,000 USD to remove report.

    Because of it’s vicious nature in monetising, and lack of evidence on the vast majority of reports, 
    the owner of RipOff Report was sentenced to Jail time.

    Thanks to the attention I got from this report, the fly who decided to try ruin my business actually 
    allowed me to close multiple large deals, and catapult my business.

    It’s no surprise that his business is bankrupt, I guess Karma hit him AND the owner of RipoffReport. 

    I hope this clears my name. 

    Kind Regards,
    Rahman Nur

  4. Hey there i’d like to help. I am also a victim from his scamming from Singapore. 3 months later after i stopped running ads for his “make money” business(turns out it’s scamming)

    I’ve just gotten a ‘CASE REPORT’ from paypal of goods not received of 2 transactions over 1k usd.

    I know this amount isn’t huge compared to the people who got scammed large amounts. it’s still a scam.

    I have screenshot proof of paypal payment now on status as – ” Goods not received ” – 3 months down the road.

      1. Hey Gel, I didn’t post the message where you left your phone number as it mightn’t be good to have it out publicly but if Andy wants to email me on info@rahmannur.com I will send it to him. Hopefully ye can help each other

  5. Hi i am another victim in 2020! He has scammed me out of £3,000. This guy is really manipulative and good at what he does! People please stay away

    1. Sorry to hear that Mahir, Feel free to expand and explain how he done it so others might be saved from his scams

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