The Digital Network – Rahman Nur’s Latest SCAM!

This post is to review the Digital Network by Rahman and bring any potential investors a complete overview of the platform and also Rahman’s past of multiple scams.

For the purpose of this DigitalNetwork review I’m going to concentrate mainly on the intro video on the dashboard as in that video alone there are multiple red flags and potential big lies from Rahman. Also to note for people Rahman always signs off his posts as just Rahman, Founder & CEO – The Digital Network. Why doesn’t he use his full name? To me it could be because if he uses his full name and people look him up they will see a long list of scams he created and victims he scammed.

Below is the video you see on the main back office dashboard of the Digital Network.

How Rahman Got Into Bitcoin

He says he got in by accident after a friend kept telling him about it so he added Bitcoin as a payment method to one of his courses and made about $30k in BTC. This was in May 2015 when Bitcoin was about  $230 so this means he took in about 130 Bitcoin, fast forward 2 years later and he claims his wallet was sitting at $600k. The first time that his 130 Bitcoin would be worth 600k would be the end of August / beginning of Sept 2017 when BTC hit $4600.

Rahman Lying about his bitcoin holding and history??

To people who are just starting to follow Rahman they wont notice anything here but for me who was scammed by Rahman in 2017 in his Forex deal this timeline is a big red flag. Over the past 3 years Rahman has missed 50+ dates on which he told me he would send me a payment but this timeline above with Bitcoin is an interesting one.

I have been in BTC since 2016 so I told Rahman I would accept BTC if he was having issues with wire payments in 2017 when he was trying to pay me back, at this point he was still telling me everything was good and payments were on the way. Take a look at the screenshot below of Rahman telling me he was looking for a bitcoin seller so he could get bitcoin to send to me, the date is September 15th 2017 right around the time Rahman had supposedly found out he had $600k (roughly 130BTC) sitting in his wallet yet we went on for months with excuses on why he wasn’t able to get BTC to send to me.

For me this raises serious questions on his claims of finding $600k worth of BTC in his wallet yet he was making excuse after excuse on why he couldn’t get any BTC to repay me.  Either he did have the BTC and is a complete scammer who didn’t want to pay me back or this is just another one of Rahman’s lies and he never had the $600k worth of BTC

Only Accepting Bitcoin Going Forward?

At 1:47 in the video he says that after finding that BTC fortune in his wallet he decided to only accept Bitcoin after that which is another lie as his Cash Flow Mentor scam only accepted paypal and wire transfer and later it only accepted wire transfer after he had fraud claims and charge backs on paypal.

People already earning 10+ BTC a month?

At 2:46 in the video he claims that they already have people on 10+ Bitcoins a month ($90k+) which sounds like complete BS as the highest earner in the back office is Jason and when Rahman posted his screenshot in the group the end of April it said he had earned $4,364.5 which is a long way off 10+ BTC a month or roughly $90k – $100k.. The screenshots below shows on the left the post from the Digital Network Facebook group and the right is a screenshot from the Digital Network back office.

Dropped everything to build The Digital Network

Outside this video he also talking about how he stopped everything else he was working on to build the DigitalNetwork. This sounds great but just remember he dropped everyone who previously signed up for his completely done for you schemes like the CashFlow Mentor where he done everything for you and paid you profits monthly. Once he has drained as much money from people joining this scheme what stops him moving to the next one with a new name…

Is the Digital Network a Scam?

Rahman definitely is a great sales man and master manipulator, he is very good with words and convincing people to send him their money. After his long list of scams and victims I find it very hard to see now that he is going to run anything legit. I have already seen alot of posts in the group of people completely lost after expecting to make 10+ BTC based on Rahman’s crazy copy and paste claims. Up to this day Rahman is still promising to payback but keeps missing the dates he sets himself claiming he doesn’t have the funds yet he is talking in the group about buying a 20,000+ Click Traffic Co-Op for people who go all in before July 31st. To me this is just the latest pressure tactic to force people to go all in, the first one was the all in package only been available for the first week or 2 but that is still available 2 months later.

Conclusion on the Digital Network Review

Most people looking at the digital network and wondering is the digital network a scam are only seeing the polished videos in the Facebook group of Rahman well dressed and well spoken so hopefully this post and the rest of this blog will give you a better view of him so you can make up your own mind on whether he is a complete scammer or..

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    1. What a scamming piece of shit. Just read it there, would be surprised if he pushed forsage or some of them pyramid style smart contracts. You can be sure it will be something to make him money and not anyone else

  1. Thank you man what you created this web it will helps allot of people, I keep sharing this page for everyone who is replying for he messages but he kicked me out of he groups

  2. i am shocked he is still around. still not following through with his word. that’s just insane. i wonder if there are any international warrants on him or something.

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